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 Wed. Mar. 02, 2011  12:30am CST
Dow to 13,100 by April?
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Feature Recent Model Portfolio Activity
Timely Buys Portfolio Activity
Ticker Date Action Taken
[withheld] 02/22/2011 DELETION
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[withheld] 02/14/2011 DELETION
[withheld] 02/14/2011 DELETION
[withheld] 02/07/2011 ADDITION
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Focus List Portfolio Activity
Ticker Date Action Taken
[withheld] 02/28/2011 DELETION
[withheld] 02/16/2011 DELETION
[withheld] 02/16/2011 DELETION
[withheld] 02/09/2011 ADDITION
[withheld] 01/27/2011 ADDITION
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REIT Industry Outlook - Feb. 2011

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Zacks Elite Portfolio Review
Stocks Retreat on Oil Fears
Stocks retreated again on Tuesday over fears about rising oil prices. Also, updates on BPL, BW, CRR, DY, ETN, RGLD, ROSE and TAL.

Zacks Elite Weekly Review
Handicapping the Labor Market Turnaround
By Sheraz Mian
I think that the labor market is close to an inflection point.

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Feature Today's EPS Surprises
Positive Surprises
Ticker Time Expected EPS Reported EPS Surprise
KTOS 16:16 0.01 0.09
800 %
LDL 07:09 0.02 0.08
300 %
NLSN 06:11 0.07 0.23
228.57 %
ID 08:45 -0.08 0.06
175 %
SODA 07:55 0.11 0.29
163.64 %

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Negative Surprises
Ticker Time Expected EPS Reported EPS Surprise
MBI 15:03 -0.23 -3.29
-1330.43 %
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-400 %
CHTR 08:31 0.28 -0.75
-367.86 %
STAA 16:24 0.01 -0.02
-300 %
PNM 09:08 -0.01 -0.03
-200 %
Last Update: Mar 2, 2011 00:30:58

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Feature Intra-Day Market Activity

Index Price Net
 S&P 500 1,306.33 - 20.89
 NASDAQ 2,737.41 - 44.86
 NASDAQ 100 2,315.26 - 35.73
 Russell 2000 0.00
 30-Year Treasury Bond 44.90 0.00

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If you are following one of the longer term lists like the Focus List should you rebalance your holdings? If so when would be the best time and/or how often? Kelly James, Washington, DC

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When a stock is deleted from the timely buys list where is the best place to follow it after that ie: do they usually go then to the the focus list? David Theis, Old Greenwich Ct

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